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Decade’s Day

All schools, high schools especially, have these type days during homecoming week. Pajama day, Opposite Day, Sports Team Day, etc., etc. When you are “decades” old however, the costumes/decades seem to all blend together.

Here’s a couple of school spirited high school counselors!

I’ve been looking for someone from my decade.

Sometimes the decades get mashed together.


Of course a Poodle Skirt hits the 50’s decade right on target.

I think that was my shirt she got from Goodwill!

One of the Junior’s asked me what “decade” I was looking for? Whimsically I told him about the 60’s, Sachem High School in Lake Ronkonkoma, and mini-skirts and micro-mini’s and a 12th grade math teacher I once had a serious crush on … good grief where did all those years go Miss Gemmel?