Monthly Archives: March 2015

Another RESET idea for public education

Those of you who reside in the Nashville area and have school age children are being asked to once again help the city reset its outlook on education.  Project RESET is another attempt by the leaders of education in Nashville to reinvigorate the community toward involvement in the educational system.  There is a survey they would like you to take about the state of the educational system in Nashville.  Tennessee has a 20.8 percent graduation rate for those who go on to college after high school making us a dismal number 39th in the ranking of states.  Now I’ve no problem with new initiatives, I’ve a problem with abandoning the past initiative, always changing course, never quite making up our minds to just do it!

We need to accept the fact that our students need to embrace the tougher standards, K through 12, not abandon them based on political winds.  Teachers are not only exhausted by these changes they are permanently confused, befuddled.  Yes change must happen; but why not stay the course using the advanced standards they were already preparing for?  Then convene a panel of teachers from all districts to review the status of education, and then slowly make changes everyone can agree on to raise that academic achievement percentage for our students and take control of these and all future changes out of the hands of politicians and political influence.