Three Cycles II

First of all thanks for all the emails/blogs and yes, I agree that it is still not that simple. Can’t really compare the education of a child to young adult with the manufacturing of anything because there are way too many dynamics. I agree. Adding to the mix the mobility of our society, various parental structures, ever changing technology, all of which simply goes to strengthen my central theme and that is the political process cannot help save education in our country. Try as we may to give all our problems up to the government, this is one that we cannot give up. This will take a much larger organization than the government, a more flexible, responsible organization. I think we are past throwing the responsibility back on the parents because they keep throwing it back. They throw it back because the educational system itself has gotten to be so complex that again I believe things like CCSS is exactly what we need. Not so much the standards themselves as the process that formed CCSS.
Many states over the past ten years have been chipping away at what used to be called vocational classes in order to better prepare students for the college path. Despite repeated studies showing the number of students in college and those in trade and vocational schools showing a gradual increase in these students, high schools seem too be going the other way. Tennessee among others, has been doing just that and I believe this will impact all of us negatively in the not too distant future. Some states like the NY system of BOCES is actually in the process of strengthening their vocational programs by developing a testing process like the end of year tests in academic studies, to validate the classes and improve student performance.

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