I have to confess to a bit of naivety on my part. I believe I gave too many days of actual instructional credit to secondary schools. Slitting through these waining school days in high school it is tragically apparent the number of wasted hours/days given over to “Senioritis.” Overheard in this one library, “I’m not doing any f**king work, I’m just here to make up time!” out of the foul mouth of this one girl. The idea is if you miss classes you can “make-up” the time after/before school or once a month in “Saturday” school. Now with graduation looming, these seniors need to make up two or three days worth of time so they feel they can just sit “in school” somewhere and make up the lost time — like prisoners do. The disruption this brings to almost every other classroom is immense — so teachers resort to videos, board games and the like. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the process. I admit as a long time high school teacher, the end of school was fraught with all sorts of different and suspect activities, but it went by so mercifully fast I really never paid it much attention.
The end of the year is a race with time. Seniors don’t want to be in school, the teachers want them out too, the administration ignores them and often times to just avoid the issue allows them to either graduate early, take trips, spend “Senior Time” outside, or a whole host of non-educational activities. So in light of this revelation –to myself — how about a survey! Follow this link to a quick and easy survey about your school, your school memories, and thoughts on senior year “rights!”

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